Human Nutrition and Dietetics



Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Pakistan is a 4-years degree program. The program offers a comprehensive education in dietetics and nutrition science, with an emphasis on how these fields relate to human health and wellbeing.Dietetics is the practice of using knowledge of food and nutrition to improve health, prevent disease, and assist in disease management.

Students in this program should be very interested in science disciplines and the connection between nutrition and health. Additionally, students need to have good interpersonal skills and willing to work in a medical setting.The course's modules facilitate the development of analytical and critical thinking skills, the application of theory to practice, and the learning of scientific information pertinent to human nutrition and dietetics. The student’s capacity to collaborate and interact with others in an ethical and flexible way, as well as their capacity for research and growth, are also developed through this curriculum.

Jobs of Nutritionists in Pakistan

The scope of any course of study might be easily estimated with the amount of jobs we will avail after completing that degree. So when you will graduate with BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Pakistan, you will get the following job opportunities to start a healthy career after this degree: Food auditors in hotels, fitness consultants, professor of herbal and homeopathic colleges, manager in food processing and preservation units, production manager of food law and regulation departments, quality control manager, food researcher and scientist, food inspector, nutrition adviser for children, food and nutrition advisers.


The applicant should have FSc. pre medical or equivalent qualifications from a recognized board/institution with at least 45% marks.


Course Outline

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