Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Our pharmaceutical chemistry lab is equipped with modern biochemical equipment such as spectrophotometer, chemistry analyzer, flame photometer enables the students to perform qualitative & quantitative tests of various biomolecules. Students will learn about drug design and synthetic drugs, structural elucidation of drugs, biochemical tests of biological fluids, spectroscopic analysis of pharmaceutical compounds and enzymatic assays.



Pharmaceutics Laboratory

The primary mission of our pharmaceutics laboratory is to educate and train students to deal and address the drug development requirements of pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan and also globally. Our students learn the advanced knowledge and skills of basic techniques of dosage forms such as syrups, lotions, creams, ointments, suppositories, capsules, tablets, injections. They learn about the advanced techniques for novel dosage forms, extemporaneous techniques in community pharmacy, use of industrial pharmacy machines for small scale manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.



Basic Medical Sciences Laboratory (Physiology and Pharmacology)

Basic medical sciences laboratory of RIMS Multan provides a high quality facility to its students by educating and training them in experimental physiology of blood, respiration, cardiovascular system and sensory system, animal handling, action of various drugs on animal organs, blood grouping and blood pressure monitoring.


Our physiology laboratory has the high professional standards of equipment, facilities, procedures and staff’s expertise. Students learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation, examination of arterial pulse, ECG recording and interpretation, arterial blood pressure, exercise and posture effects on blood pressure and apex beat and normal heart sounds. Physiology laboratory of the institute has state-of-the-art facilities to conduct M.Phil./MS research in Pharmacology. It is equipped with spirometry, Ichihara charts, electrocardiogram (ECG) and sphygmomanometer.




Microbiology and pathology Laboratory

Our microbiology and pathology laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art research methods and technology and equip students with the professional knowledge and skills that will cater them in their future career. Students learn about the gram staining techniques, bacterial culture preparation, antibiotic and antifungal sensitivity tests, complete blood test, urine tests, lipid profile tests.



Pharmacognosy Laboratory

Our laboratory is furnished with the tools needed for fundamental practical trainings. The laboratory is used for identification and extraction of medicinal plants, isolation and purification of natural compounds, chromatographic techniques such as eluted column chromatography, paper and thin layer chromatography, effects of natural products, medicinal plants extracts and phytochemicals on living cells.



Instrumentation Laboratory

The instrumentation laboratory provides students with high quality analysis and skills by doing drug analysis using UV spectrophotometer, IR spectrophotometer and HPLC, gravimetric analysis of drugs, potentiometric and thermal analysis of drugs.



Industrial Laboratory

The main objective of the industrial pharmacy lab is to familiarise students with the production of various dosage forms, including tablets, syrups, and semisolids. The students will gain knowledge of producing drugs formulations on a laboratory scale utilising equipment that are utilized in the industry.



Anatomy Museum

The Royal Institute of Medical Sciences Multan Anatomy Laboratory enables students of pharmacy, physical therapy, radiography and imaging technology, human nutrition and dietetics and medical laboratory technologyto learn about the anatomy of human body.

Currently, the anatomy laboratory caters over 300 students each semester and is a high-tech lab with more than 12 dissection tables, wall mounted digital monitors and computers terminals next to the dissection tables for the purpose of digital dissection manual. The laboratory is further equipped with anatomical models,skeletons, charts and illustrations.


Kinesiology Laboratory

RIMS Multan has a high quality kinesiology and basic biomechanics laboratory facilities and is equipped with the modern physical therapy and biomechanical equipment/ instruments.Our students have the chance to learn from faculty members by participating in many active research initiatives linked to biomechanics. Experiments like fundamentals of muscle testing, methods of muscle recording, basic muscle grading system, evaluation of posture, regional upper limb muscle testing,practical demonstrations of muscles work and its ranges, practical demonstrations of various fundamental positions and posture analysis are being taught.The state of art laboratories introduces students to the laboratory techniques in the field of kinesiology and biomechanical to provide demonstrations of processes learnt in the lectures.


Electrotherapy Laboratory

Electrotherapy is a medical procedure which uses a form of electric current therapy used mostly in pain management and nerve-muscle activation. It uses electric current with high, medium, and low frequencies.In order to maximize learning and effectively apply it to the patient care, the lab is equipped with modern testing and training of electrotherapy modalities. This enables the students to comprehend the fundamentals and advancements in the area of physiotherapy.

Our laboratory is equipped with Ultrasound machine, Short Wave Diathermy (SWD), TENS, Infra-Red lamp, heating pads, Traction Unit and Pneumatic compression pump.



Therapeutics Laboratory

Our laboratory focuses on the knowledge and skills of practical demonstration of ROM techniques, stretching techniques, resisted exercise techniques, peripheral joint mobilization techniques, aerobic exercises, balance training, hydrotherapy, reflective clinical case studies, supervised and independent practical application of therapeutic techniques on patients in indoor and outdoor physiotherapy treatment settings.



Clinical Physiotherapy Laboratory

Our physiotherapy lab provides a flexible space where students participate in a variety of learning activities to advance their clinical reasoning, practical abilities, and approach to problem-solving. They are able to put their assessment and treatment abilities to the test in a variety of simulated case situations in a secure and realistic setting.

Our laboratory is equipped with gym balls, couches, traction unit, pneumatic compression pump, parallel bars, balance boards, crutches, finger ladder, shoulder wheel, Thera-Bands, mobilization belts, exercise mats, treadmill, rower, rollator, wheelchairs