CAREER & SCOPE OF Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)


The scope of the Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) program is broad and expanding, offering a range of career opportunities in the field of pharmacy and healthcare.

 There are some of the key areas where the Pharm D program offers substantial scope: clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, Pharmaceutical industry, Forensic pharmacy, clinical research, pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs, academia and teaching, pharmaceutical consultancy, health care management, public health and government, entrepreneurship, international organizations and NGOs, specialized pharmacy practice.

The scope varies by region, healthcare system, and individual interests, but overall, the Pharm D program prepares graduates for diverse and rewarding careers in various sectors of pharmacy and healthcare.

Why choose higher education in pharmacy (Pharm D)

Pharmacists are qualified health professionals and are known as drug experts. Highly qualified pharmacists provide better advice to patients, doctors and nurses ensuring that medicines are used rationally, safely and effectively. The number of existing pharmacists is extremely low compared to the needs of health system of Pakistan. Therefore, the number of pharmacy education institutes is increasing very rapidly and there is a dire need of highly qualified personnels. Highly qualified pharmacists are also involved in manufacturing of medicine, quality control/quality assurance, R & D and marketing of medicines in key positions.

Admission in pharm D (Session 2023) at Royal institute of medical sciences Multan

Admissions are open in Royal institute of medical sciences Multan (session 2023).

Why pharmacy (Pharm D) Graduation from RIMS, Multan

Rims established city campus in 2013, affiliated with Government college university (GCU), Faisalabad, Pakistan. GCU, Faisalabad is one of the top public universities in, Pakistan. GCUF is being ranked at 601-800 world level, second rank amongst Pakistani universities and 1st among universities in times higher education department.

1-Semester system: In pharmacy (Pharm D) field, RIMS follow semester system . The semester system divides the academic year into multiple terms, typically two per academic year (fall and spring). The specific benefits of the semester system for the Pharm D. program at GCU Faisalabad or affiliated institution might include:

Structured Learning: The semester system provides a structured framework for learning. Courses are organized into specific timeframes, which can help students manage their workload and plan their studies more effectively.

Continuous Assessment: The semester system often includes regular assessments, such as quizzes, assignments, and exams, throughout the semester. This can promote continuous learning and help students stay engaged with the material.

Faster Progression: With the semester system, students can complete their degree in a shorter time compared to programs with longer academic terms..

Flexibility: Students might have the option to choose elective courses based on their interests and career goals.

Diverse Teaching Methods: The semester system allows instructors to employ a variety of teaching methods and engage students through different activities and projects.

Accommodation of Modern Workload: The semester system can better accommodate the demands of modern education, including research projects, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities.

Regular Feedback: With assessments spread throughout the semester, students and instructors can receive regular feedback on academic performance.

2-Academic Results

In RIMS, more than 80% results are in pharmacy department.

3- Faculty

Foreign qualified Ph.D/MPhil faculty having expertise in their relevant subjects.

4- Infrastructure:

All lecture theatres are equipped with LCD projector, audio system and connected to internet via LAN and wi-fi, state-of-the art Computer lab, well equipped laboratories, two auditoriums, centrally air conditioned library, divided into periodical section, reference section, stack room and reading area.

5- Extracurricular activities:

At RIMS, we encourage students to actively engage in our diverse range of societies and activities. These platforms not only provide opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange but also promote personal and professional growth.

6- Memorandum of understanding

MOU with Buch international hospital

  • Internships for final year students
  • Clinical clerkships in 4th & final year
  • Research collaborations

MOU with pharmaceutical industry and chain pharmacies (ZAKFAS pharmaceutical company and Javed Pharmacy)

Eligibility of Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)

The candidate should have passed the Intermediate Science (FSC) Examination (Medical/ Biology Group) with 60% marks from the Pakistani Board of Higher Secondary Education or any other examination from  foreign university that is equivalent to the Pakistan Intermediate (FSC) (Medical Group).

Documents Required for Admission in  Pharm D at RIMS

  • RIMS Application form.
  • Educational Documents Matric and F.Sc ( A and O level students should submit equivalence certificate from IBCC).
  • Six Passport Size Photographs.
  • Six Copies of CNIC/Form-B of the applicant.
  • Six copies of Domicile.
  • All student who completed their education from Federal board or other provincial board rather than Punjab should submit NOC from relevant board.